Tropic of Capricorn columnar joints landmark unveiled


Outgoing President, Lt Gen Dr Seretse Khama Ian Khama on Tuesday unveiled the columnar joints landmark erected at the Tropic of Capricorn.

The landmark, which some have observed bears a passing resemblance to England’s prehistoric monument, the Stonehenge, is made up of stone pillars to represents each of the thirteen countries the Tropic of Capricorn passes through.

  1. Argentina
  2. Australia
  3. Botswana
  4. Brazil
  5. Chile
  6. Fiji
  7. Namibia
  8. New Caldonia
  9. Madagascar
  10. Mozambique
  11. Paraguay
  12. Tonga
  13. South Africa

The Tropic of Capricorn also crosses through Three Oceans: The Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Ocean

Reference and Image: BWgovernment Facebook page

3 years ago

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  1. The erected Landmark is very beautiful and it carries more meaning. Its now trending on facebook as people cannot just pass this place without taking pics. Our country is getting there slowly but surely there was much thought put into making this landmark and i must say i am so liking it and i am very impressed! way to go to our former President..

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