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This page is dedicated to introducing you to Batswana, expatriates in Botswana (past or present) and people who have an interest in Botswana… and of course, YourBotswana.

If you are interested in having your profile here, please download the form below and email it to – – along with pictures. The form contains a selection of questions we would like you to answer regarding your background and more importantly, your views on Botswana. Your answers help our editor to create your profile.

Please note our audience is international and therefore any references specific to Botswana or use of Setswana terminology will require an explanation or translation. Please refrain from giving very short answers and try to include pictures. By all means indicate where you would like the pictures to feature, otherwise we will use our discretion.

Download the form below.


Click a picture to view a profile.


 link-tiny-coetzee link-jaco-viljoen 

link-tlamelo-bothma link-fingos-jankie link-andy-batlhophia

 link-ellen-mogotsi link-emmanuel-mokgano link-charne-windvogel

link-keletleletswe-somolekae link-katrin-schatz link-bryce-shoopara link-gdmorwaanare-morwaanare


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