Elephant Crisis

The Botswana government announced on 22 May 2019 that it had decided to lift the hunting suspension. The announcement was met internationally with shock and horror, followed by a barrage of insults and condemnation, with many from sources claiming to be conservationists. Much criticism came from preservationists fundamentally against sustainable utilisation. 

The government’s decision, follows an inclusive year-long consultation process, including dialogue with the affected communities, local authorities, conservationists, NGOs, tourism businesses, researchers and other stakeholders.

This section of YourBotswana seeks to address a number of misconceptions, shed light on the situation from within as well as share with you events as they happen.


Source: Flame of Africa
Source: Unknown
Source: Unknown
The President of Botswana responds to a protestor at the De Beers Annual JCK Trade Show in Las Vegas (May 2019), as to why he lifted the elephant hunting ban.
Source: eNCA

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