Reunion-based Motswana, Danielle Swagger releases ‘I’m Woke’ video

Botswana’s Reunion-based rapper, Danielle Swagger has released the much-anticipated video to her single I’m Woke.  Shot on Reunion Island,  the video showcases the island’s popular tourist attractions including Pointe au Sel, Saint-Leu, Grand Anse, Manapany and Cascade Langevin.

I’m woke is Danielle’s debut through which she is set to introduce herself to her fan base as well as to grow her brand as a professional artist. The breakthrough single itself was released in April. It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Joël Agapé of UMC Records in La Réunion (France).

“Everything is possible when you take a leap forward, you might just fall into the hands of people that believe in you more than you do, you’ve just got to keep it going for you to win,” Danielle Swagger told Music In Africa. 

“My music journey has been one of trials and tribulations. For a young lady trying to get her music underway in this broad creative industry, it isn’t easy to get opportunities. It’s either you are told to sacrifice a part of you or doors simply get shut in your face.

“Music is a passion that not everyone hangs onto or turns into a reality. But I succeeded, and I am stating my presence and purpose in the song saying, ‘No matter what I am doing to keep going, please do the same because life is about living out your inspirations’.

“The video was shot in a way that shows that the ocean resembles my force, and where I stand is the stage with my girls who support me and can be seen enjoying the sound in the video.”

Born and raised in Gaborone, Danielle Swagger is 26. Her given name is Boitumelo Ben. I’m Woke is available for download on YouTube, Spotify and Deezer.

What do you think of I’m woke? Whether it’s a yay or nay, please share your thoughts.


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  1. It’s dope and fresh ! She on point… even the lyrics! And new concept landscape for Botswana and Batswana! She the first to go out of the country and out of Africa to make an international work!

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