A.T.I – Khiring Khorong Feat. Yung Amazing x Legacy

This week we bring you a catchy tune titled “khiring khorong” by popular young musician, A.T.I. Sadly, a video’s yet to be released, so what you’re getting below is just the audio.

So who is A.T.I?

Atlasaone Molemogi aka A.T.I first burst onto Botswana’s fledgeling music scene in 2010. As one of the youngest and most promising talents in Botswana, his music took Botswana by storm right from the off. A.T.I says he only started to seriously nurture his craft following the launch of Botswana Television -Btv, through which his eyes were opened to local talent from whom he drew inspiration.

“When Btv started broadcasting, I got to know artists such as Vee and Excutedge, who greatly inspired me and unknowingly prompted me to want to venture into the music industry, ” Molemogi once said in an interview with Showbiz.

As is usually the case, it was a long, hard slog for the young musician, as he had to endure many knock backs with countless doors slammed in his face. Undeterred, A.T.I ploughed on and set about raising money until he had enough to record the Batho mixtape with which he debuted his music career. His efforts were handsomely rewarded as it won him legions of fans, the majority of whom were students. The rest, as they say, is history.

“My genre is something I call ‘making music’ because I infuse many genres such as *motswako/hip-hop and R’n B.”

A.T.I refuses to confine himself to one genre because he feels to do so would hamper his growth as an artist. His eclectic musical taste means he listens to a diverse range of music that may take some by surprise including Aretha Franklin and Dolly Parton! He says he’s inspired by the late American star, Prince as well as local musical giants, Odirile ‘Vee’ Sento, Thato ‘Scar’ Matlhabaphiri and Kgotla ‘Juju Boy’ Ntsima, among others.

A.T.I’s biggest claim to fame is by far performing alongside American rapper, Eve at the Urban Legends’ show organised by Orange Botswana. He has also performed with respected musicians from neighbouring South Africa such JR, DJ Cleo, Scar and Mosako.

Local truly is lekker! If music coming out of Botswana continues this growth pattern, even given the myriad of challenges the musicians continue to face, then anything is possible. It’s clear to see that Botswana has a lot of untapped, raw talent that has the potential of exploding into the stratosphere. I, for one, will be keeping a very keen eye on the situation and will continue to share with you all the musical gems we unearth for your listening pleasure.

*Motswako – local music

Do you know of any emerging local music talent you’d like to share with YourBotswana? Please feel free to comment here and we’ll be sure to follow up your leads.

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