Together we are stronger than COVID

Coronavirus has spread like wildfire across the globe and in Botswana, almost every part of the country is affected by the Delta variant, recording high levels of new cases. We’re losing loved ones, incomes have been severely impacted and understandably, people are scared and anxious, as well as angry and bitter about the lack of vaccines.

We feel there is a lot negativity and divisions, at a time when we need to stay strong, positive, resilient and united. We invited people to share their thoughts or experiences in the hope this campaign promotes a sense of togetherness, communicating as one voice – real opinions from real people. Regardless of our professions, our positions and our backgrounds, COVID has affected us all and therefore we are all in this together.

Although the campaign features Batswana, we welcome thoughts from anyone. If you would like to participate, send us your picture and your story (no more than 100 words) via our contact us page. Our sincere thanks to everyone who has participated and shared their thoughts. 

Together we are stronger than COVID.

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1 month ago

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