Why Botswana is a prime investment destination

The Special Economic Zones (SEZ) policy adopted by the Government of Botswana has been designed to attract world-class domestic and foreign investors by offering them developed infrastructure, state of the art technology, beneficial inter-sectoral linkages, improvements in economies of scale, specially trained skilled labour force and targeted economic incentives. 

Botswana’s SEZ policy seeks to:

  • Coordinate, promote and facilitate SEZ investments
  • Identify locations for establishing SEZs
  • Ensure basic infrastructure and utilities are in place
  • National and international programmes promoting SEZs
  • Licence SEZ investors

At a broader level SEZs are intended to achieve the following:

  • Diversify the economic and export base of Botswana beyond the diamond mining sector
  • Provide a hassle-free business environment offering investors a competitive edge in world markets
  • Establish a one-stop, full service business environment catering to the needs businesses located within the SEZ
  • Create business development opportunities for small, medium and micro-enterprise suppliers who meet the logistical and ancillary needs of SEZ enterprises
  • Develop a portfolio of public sector, private sector and public-private partnerships (PPPs) with the SEZ as the market indicates
  • Develop SEZs, which are integrated with domestic, regional and international markets
  • Categorise and coordinate business development within SEZs to promote inter-sectoral economies of scale
  • Provide SEZ incentive packages consistent with Botswana’s domestic and international trade obligations
  • Develop SEZ labour laws consistent with the ILO standards
  • Create employment through the countrywide development of SEZs

Video courtesy of: Special Economic Zones Authority Botswana
Published on 25 Sep 2018

Source: gobotswana.com

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