Government online services site and app launched to ease congestion at government offices

Last week the Botswana Government launched an app and website aimed at making your life easier with regards to some of its services. We all know how exhausting and frustrating a visit to government offices can be – from the hideously long queues to the sullen government officers, incompetence and slow delivery. Whichever way you look at it, it’s very seldom a pleasant experience. So the launch of this app and website is truly a Godsend – if it works and is manned! It’s a good start that deserves to be applauded, but we will be keeping a sharp eye on it and once we’ve used it, will give a review here on YourBotswana.

We have been on the website, and it’s very, very basic, rudimentary and looks like it was set up in 2000 -like it’s a work in progress. What I found most disappointing is that there is no an “about”, contact us or even FAQs section – really basic but vital information. The website could also use a chat feature As with many things in Botswana, it’s as if you’re just expected to know everything there is to know about the site.  If you don’t, tough! Hopefully, it’s not the complete article and is being worked on to fine-tune  and finalise it.

The Government notice issued via the Government Facebook page said you can now access some government services online. I take it that means in time, more will follow. You can access the services at or through the “OneGov” app, which you can download from Google Play Store. The Government urged people to use the facility to help ease congestion at government offices. 

The site currently offers the ease of application for:

  1. Common law land rights 
  2. Customary law land rights
  3. National Internship Programme
  4. Botswana driver’s license
  5. Vehicle registration
  6. BAITS user access 
  7. Plant import permit 
  8. Permission to sell veterinary drugs, vaccines, equipment and livestock feeds. 

For more information, please email:

Have you used the new service, whether it’s the website or app? Please share your thoughts.

Source: BWGovernment Facebook page

1 month ago

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