Botswana poll body shrugs off rigging claims

Botswana’s Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) was on Wednesday forced to respond to allegations that it was involved in the alleged rigging of last month’s general elections.

This follows a social media posting on the alleged “flawed elections in the history of Botswana.” The posting claimed that “…very disappointing emerging news have (sic) now clouded the country of Botswana as the first-ever flawed election in the history of that country are emerging.”

But the IEC dismissed the claims, insisting that elections in Botswana are conducted in accordance with established legal framework and leaves no room for discretionary decisions.

“We want to put it on record that there is no other organisation, other than the IEC, which is responsible for the conduct of the National Assembly and Local Government elections in the country,” the commission said.

“The rigging began with the international votes knowing that Batswana will not question the procedure as they will be obsessed and preoccupied with certain things that had nothing to do with questioning the legitimacy of the process.”


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