What you need to know about the Okavango Blue

What makes a Diamond blue? How long did it take to cut and clean the just unveiled Okavango Blue, whose value is anyone’s guess, and a cause for much speculation. CGTN Africa’s Ramah Nyang’ had an interview with the CEO of the Okavango Diamond Company, Marcus ter Haar – who provided details on the 20.46 carat gem – Botswana’s largest ever blue diamond.

Video courtesy of CGTN Africa via YouTube

A story spanning 3 billion years. Botswana’s finest natural treasure, radiant with the light at the start of everything and resplendent in the very essence of time itself. Some unfathomable, eternal something. This is the Okavango Blue of Botswana. At 20.46 carats, the Okavango Blue is one of the rarest stones in the world.

Source: OkavangoDiamondCompany Facebook page

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