Transparency International rates Botswana least corrupt in Africa


Transparency International (TI) has once again rated Botswana the least corrupt country in Africa. This is contained in the organisation’s 2017 Corruption Perception Index (CPI) released recently.

Botswana, for the 22nd year in a row, is cited as being the least corrupt country in Africa, as well as being among the least corrupt countries in the world. Botswana is ranked 34 out of 180 countries (up one place from last year), with a modestly improved overall score of 61.

Botswana’s standing thus placed it within the top fifth of all surveyed nations, as well as above almost two thirds of the European nations.

In the report, TI further observes that Botswana is at the top of a group of African countries “that consistently push back against corruption, and with notable progress.”

The report further notes “the key ingredient that the top performing African countries have in common is political leadership that is consistently committed to anti-corruption further citing President Khama’s innovative approach of “mainstreaming anti-corruption” across ministries in Botswana.”


Source: Botswana Government Facebook page

3 years ago

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