Lyrics to Vee’s latest track, “Wa ba a tsile” split opinions

Vee Mampeezy, undoubtedly one of Botswana’s most popular and easily recognisable artistes, has recently dropped a tune titled “Wa ba a tsile” to much controversy. While the song is a hit with many of Vee’s countless fans, some have gone up in arms, as they feel his choice of lyrics is sacrilegious.

To explain, “wa ba a tsile” means “he has arrived”. However, the phrase goes one further and would usually convey a sense of irritation and annoyance at the arrival of someone who is not welcome. What appears to have got people’s hackles up is the fact that ‘wa ba a tsile’ is made in reference to Jesus Christ.

Based on the fact that Vee is a proud Christian who regularly speaks of his strong faith, his love of God and the context within which the phrase is used, maybe people should listen to the lyrics in their entirety to fully understand what the man is trying to convey.

Mmegi quoted Vee’s Manager, Prosper Mashabe, explaining;

“People should not confuse this. Wa ba a tsile means that Jesus has arrived and our lives will change for the better.”

Mashabe said the single is part of Vee’s upcoming album, “Champion”.

3 years ago

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