The Majestic Five Hotel

My wife and I recently needed accommodation in Mahalapye but due to most hotels and lodges in Mahalapye being fully…

3 weeks ago

Is Botswana racist or simply elitist?

Recently, Botswana’s consumer rights champion, Richard Harriman posed a burning question on his highly popular Botswana Consumer Watchdog Facebook page;…

3 months ago

Expat View: Only in Botswana…

Only in Botswana… will you casually hear about “Thokolosi” To be fair, the “thokolosi” exists in Southern Africa, it’s not…

2 years ago

Expat View – Expats

Botswana is home to many expats from a variety of countries. I’m British and I can count on one hand…

2 years ago

Expat View – Begging

Botswana, like many other countries, has issues with poverty and the gap between the rich and the poor is quite…

2 years ago

Diary of a pom living in Gaborone

Admittedly this post is taken from another blog site, however given it’s specifically about Botswana, I had to share. Please…

2 years ago

Expat View – Public Transport

There are a few modes of public transport in Botswana; buses or planes will help with long distance journeys, but…

2 years ago