Smart water metering to solve water crisis in Botswana

Metering in Botswana has never been explored or exploited as evidenced through the scarcity of locally established specialist metering manufacturing, repairs and maintenance companies. Regional and international companies have been dominating the metering space for years.

With recent changes in legislation pushing for locally produced goods and services, the emergence of new industries like mines, heavy manufacturing, agricultural water projects, industrial and commercial facility developments and the recent nationwide robust rollout of water pipeline projects, the need for metering is expected to grow exponentially.

The National Water debt stands at BWP1.2 Billion due to the use of conventional billing methods and the effects of the pandemic on household debt. At an executive level, digitalisation is one of the top government priorities that seeks to unlock and enable high productivity, create meaningful jobs and service delivery. Recently, there has been a significant shift in policies to remove red tape in a bid to entice more players to join the industry.

With smart water metering still being relatively new in Botswana and the sole provider, Water Utilities Corporation, still using conventional piston metering to bill over 500 000 clients nationally, Leeroy Systems is introducing the smart water metering technology in Botswana. Leeroy Systems has partnered with Lesira-Teq and LoRaWAN network operator to complete a fully resourced pilot factory plant, provided full LoRaWAN coverage in the Capital City Gaborone and embarked on a Pilot project to install smart water meters at industrial, commercial and residential premises.

An extract from the pre-feasibility study conducted by Leeroy Systems identified high water losses at the bulk carrier, reticulation and customer complaints about erroneous billing, high water bills, undetected water leaks, pipe bursts and poor revenue collection, all of which have directly inspired the need to invest in Smart Water Metering in Botswana.

“The Private Sector and institutions are responding well to Smart Metering, setting the pace and defining the future of intelligent metering as a way to reduce and contain utility costs and saving water,” stated Roy Johannes, Managing Director of Leeroy Systems.

“Our teams work in unison to continuously develop new solutions, share experiences through knowledge transfer and peer review mechanisms to develop a World Class competitive product,” concluded Roy Johannes.

During the COVID-19 State of Emergency, when clean water and the restriction of movement were used to curb the spread of the virus, Leeroy Systems collected 100% of revenue from its clients, paid through the Utility Corporation using Smart Prepaid Water Billing technology. The smart metres can detect hidden underground wall buried pipes, enabling the users to react in real-time to stop water loss, thereby saving money.

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