Paratus Botswana bolsters network with $6m fibre backbone

Multinational telecommunications company Paratus Botswana has invested over $6-million in independent fibre connectivity in Botswana as a seamless add-on to its existing infrastructure backbone.

“At no extra cost to customers, fibre connectivity will give businesses unmatched uptime via a quality connection, particularly at a time when network capacity is under pressure, owing to remote working.

“Also, critically, the investment in fibre in Botswana is strategically important in further securing [the country] as a hub in the Southern African region,” Paratus Botswana MD Shawn Bruwer said in an August 31 release.

Along with various stakeholders, Paratus spent the past two years planning the fibre infrastructure to connect the Botswana network in all the major business and industrial areas. Diversity is achieved using an independent single network that guarantees enough capacity on multiple routes, which in turn, ensures minimum latency and downtime, he explained.

“A quality connection is no longer a ‘nice to have’. We already have a 100% independent microwave network and international connection and now the fibre will bolster the increasing bandwidth and uptime requirements for businesses on our diverse and independent network,” he said.

“Our fibre roll-out, which is 98% complete, adds an attractive additional layer to our services enabling us to deliver unlimited bandwidth and uninterrupted services, no matter the environmental pressures we operate under.

“Paratus is also working hard to help unleash growth and upliftment in Botswana and to help the business community realise all that an improved, sustained and healthy economy brings with it.

“We believe the Botswana business community thinks big and deserves to be given unlimited potential through fast, reliable network connections and unmatched uptime. We recognise the forward thinking of the government’s Vision 2036 and its aim to transform Botswana from an upper middle-income country to a high-income country by 2036,” he said.

Paratus Botswana provides network connectivity, Internet, voice, satellite, structured cabling and hosting solutions to support businesses.


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