Asteroid that hit Botswana in 2018 was 22 million years old: Researchers

Meteorite that landed in Botswana

A few years ago, the beautiful country of Botswana in Southern Africa was impacted by asteroid debris. Over two years later, scientists have finally concluded their research on the origin of the asteroid.

The road to solving the puzzle around the asteroid and its origin was not a walk in the park for the scientists because they had to rely largely on video and picture evidence to examine rock samples. That is because the debris was picked up after the debris came into contact with Planet Earth. The incident that took place on a farm in the Kalahari Desert in Botswana on June 02, 2018, was studied by the Meteoritics and Planetary Science journal researchers. According to the researchers, the debris must have come from Vesta, one of the largest solar system objects. It is believed to be the second-largest space rock in the asteroid belt.

Researchers have concluded it was formed when Vesta collided with another space body roughly 22 million years ago. This, they believe, led to the formation of a larger family of debris, some of which landed on Planet Earth.


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