One Wireless introduces macro WiFi solutions in Botswana

Startup telecommunications company, One Wireless plans to deploy macro WiFi solutions to “WiFi-blanket” several cities in the country including Gaborone, Maun, Palapye, Kasane and Francistown. The company aims to provide fast, affordable and reliable wireless internet access to Botswana. 

Also known as “mass WiFi,” this wireless technology provides faster internet speed for public users, plus Internet of Things (IoT) and over the top (OTT) utilisation of the public, as well as IoT and OTT services, infrastructure and SAAS providers, opening doors to more jobs for Botswana citizens. The One Wireless Macro WiFi Blanket model speaks to mass WiFi deployment and adoption, resulting in large areas of coverage. It also allows users to jump on and off the network with zero packet loss as they move within the area of coverage. This allows users to commute throughout the city without losing connectivity. Using macro WiFi deployment, One Wireless targets 40mbps at $0.40 per 1Gb.

“Botswana currently has one of the most expensive data charges on a global scale,” says Rajit Singh, founder and CEO of One Wireless.

“One Wireless plans to change that by offering our technology to business and residential markets.

“We are the pioneer in this space as no other entity has attempted to blanket the country with WIFI. Along with the paid subscriptions, we have a dream that each user should be entitled to a free daily usage limit as we believe connectivity is a human right.”


1 month ago

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