Shumba Energy proceeds with Tati Solar project

Government has given the local energy developer, Shumba Energy, the green light to proceed with the development of the Tati Solar project.

Shumba Energy owns a 100 MW solar project near the city of Francistown and is currently in the late stage of developing the first phase, a 50 MW solar farm, on a project site of 300 hectares. The project is part of a two-phase program to develop the full 100 MW solar capacity of the site as a key strategic initiative in the region.

Shumba Energy CEO, Mashale Phumaphi told investors that the group has received environmental authorisation from the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) in Francistown.

“We are very pleased to have received the environmental authorisation as this will allow us to fast track the Tati Solar Project into operation,” he said in an update last week.

“Given the trying times that our country finds itself in, we are keen to do our part to contribute to the economy in a manner that is environmentally friendly, sustainable and contributes to alleviating the region’s severe energy deficit.”

Shumba Energy has been rapidly building its portfolio of projects in eastern Botswana. For Shumba “Powering the Future” means addressing chronic power shortages head-on and supplying energy to affected Southern African countries in a sustainable and cost-effective manner. The company’s main activity areas include renewable energy, fuels, trading and mining.


2 weeks ago

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