Ten/Ten design collaboration of limited-edition engagement rings launches on Blue Nile

Ten/Ten, a limited capsule collection of 100 commitment rings, designed in collaboration with ten independent jewellery designers, was recently unveiled on BlueNile.com. The programme concept challenged the innovative group of collaborators to reinterpret the classic symbol of love and commitment to a new audience. 

Each of the ten ring designs is available in a limited edition of ten, and all of the designs feature responsibly sourced natural diamonds from Botswana. The collection is accessibly priced between $3,000 and $4,500, and the rings are available for purchase starting today. One design features a hidden inscription on the band, and several offer the opportunity for personalisation by integrating bands or other rings.

Conceived during the early stages of the pandemic, and made possible by the support of De Beers Group, Ten/Ten was specifically created to promote diamonds from Botswana, a country whose economy relies largely on diamond revenues and also as a way to increase the visibility of designers. The ten designers each have their own jewellery brand and were chosen for their unique and distinct points of view. The Ten/Ten collaborators are Catherine Sarr of ALMASIKA, Aurora Lopez Mejia, Bea Bongiasca, Lauren Harwell Godfrey of Harwell Godfrey, Lola Oladunjoye of Lola Fenhirst, Marla Aaron, Michelle Fantaci, Natasha Tsimmerman of Platt Boutique Jewelry, Pamela Love and Wing Yau of WWAKE.

“Diamonds are the ultimate symbol of love and commitment, and we are thrilled to be supporting an initiative that brings together such an incredibly talented group of designers, each reinterpreting the iconic diamond engagement ring using diamonds from Botswana. In Blue Nile we found the ideal partner to reach a broad audience and offer many consumers the opportunity to own these unique designs,” said Stephen Lussier, Executive Vice President of Consumer Markets for De Beers Group.

“The Ten/Ten Collection is a first of its kind for Blue Nile, and we’re excited to partner with 10 remarkable, independent designers to offer a reinvented, fresh and modern take on the traditional diamond engagement ring,” said Sean Kell, CEO of Blue Nile.

“One enduring truth is that now, as much as ever, people want to express commitment to loved ones; and customers are not only looking for a beautiful diamond and good value but also increasingly something distinctive, a ‘one of a kind’ ring that reflects their personal style. Collections like Ten/Ten prove that it’s possible to find handcrafted and exquisite fine jewellery at an incredible value.”

A look book with complete descriptions and pricing can be accessed here. The collection is being sold exclusively by Blue Nile and the company’s website highlights the program on a dedicated landing page that spotlights each of the ten designers and their inspirations, as well as shares details on the diamond origin story and Botswana. The Ten/Ten project is being promoted in conjunction with Blue Nile through a comprehensive, cross-platform marketing campaign. The campaign includes traditional print and digital advertising, native content collaborations across a variety of online platforms, as well as social media activations. The latter includes an IGTV series of live conversations with the designers hosted byvarious engaging talents that will air throughout the month.

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Source: De Beers Group

Source: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/tenten-design-collaboration-of-limited-edition-engagement-rings-launches-on-blue-nile-301210286.html

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