Botswana’s Okavango Delta – Heaven on Earth

We at YourBotswana love to share with the world the beauty of our country. It is on that very premise that the idea to set up YourBotswana was borne. So when we came across this brilliant YouTube video of the mighty Okavango Delta, we just had to share it with YourBotswana readers. 

Video director’s word

Hey! Antoine Janssens here. Since I was a kid I’ve been fascinated by the wildlife around us. I watch a lot of wildlife documentaries and the beauty that they display still shocks me all the time. 

The vision that I have about this sensitive topic is quite simple:

« Look at the beauty of this animal evolving in the wild. We must protect it if we want our children to see it the way we do. »

People protect what they love. The goal of this movie is to show the beauty of the Okavango Delta and the magnificence of these species living their best life in the wild. And honestly, it’s also good to see a place where humans don’t have control over it. 

I hope this movie will touch you deep in your heart (or just a little bit it’s quite ok 🙂). 

Video credit via YouTube: Beautiful Destinations / Antoine Janssens | Director, Filmmaker, Editor & Sound design 

1 year ago

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