Heavy metal band ‘Skinflint’ away on US tour

Source: Skinflint (Facebook)

Botswana heavy metal rock band, Skinflint is currently in the Big Apple as American metal titans, Soulfly’s supporting act for yet another tour. Skinflint guitarist/vocalist, Giuseppe Sbrana told Mmegi’s Arts & Culture that their first tour of  US shores was a success and now they have been called yet again.

“We will be playing in places like Minneapolis. These are big shows and we are hoping to raise the Botswana flag high and represent our Botswana metal scene abroad,” he added. 

Sbrana said Botswana has a strong following but a smaller audience for rock metal.

“Here we get over 100 people in a show but in the US, we perform to thousands of fans. It’s also because people in Botswana are starting to get used to heavy metal rock music and we see growth on the local scene,” he further expressed.

Comparing the US to Botswana fans, Sbrana was quick to mention that fans were the same, “But the difference is the population and the fact that rock music has been exposed for much longer there.”

He also said hard work, dedication and putting out music abroad through their website have worked magic for them.

“This is a good thing because if Skinflint from Botswana plays in the USA, people will also get interested and check out other bands from Botswana. This is the start of a movement and it will get exposure to our local rock bands,” he highlighted.

Meanwhile, Bassist Kebonye Nkoloso said the tour would last for two weeks. He revealed that the band has been holding intense rehearsals before heading to the US.

“Even before the tour, we were always in the studio and rehearsing every day. We have been hosting shows locally in preparation for the tour,” he said. 

Nkoloso said they have been selling some of their albums abroad as well. For his part, new band member and drummer, Cosmos Modisaemang thanked their fans for being there for them every step of the way.

“Even though we are going to be performing on the big stage, we can never forget our journey together. We are who we are because of them,” he said. 

The band that has five albums under its belt and a tour of Sweden in July this year is on the cards.

Source: mmegi.bw

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