Conde Nast Traveler’s top 10 best places to visit in 2020 – Botswana’s saltpans make the list!

Photo credit: Melanie van Zyl

It’s going to be a very adventurous year – and decade

Paris. New York. Maui. Again? If this is the decade you fly for excitement and new experiences, perhaps you should consider Dubai, Guyana or the Canadian Arctic. That’s according to the experts at Conde Nast Traveler, who just unveiled their list of the 20 Best Places to Go in 2020.

To create the list, Conde Nast editors surveyed their well-travelled staff and a network of writers living all over the world. The geographically-diverse list includes “budget-friendly and blissfully off-beat” Armenia and the salt pans of Botswana, where you can stay in the new green-friendly Persian-carpeted tents at Jack’s Camp. 

Add to that Spain’s Canary Islands, where an archaeological site called Risco Caído became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2019, and you have the makings of a very adventurous 2020.

Here is Conde Nast Traveler’s list of the 10 Best Places to Go in 2020. Find the full list and all the details at

  1. Armenia
  2. Bahia, Brazil
  3. Botswana’s Salt Pans
  4. Canadian Arctic
  5. Canary Islands, Spain
  6. Copenhagen, Denmark
  7. Dominica, Caribbean
  8. Dubai
  9. El Chaltén, Argentina
  10. Guyana


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