Loss-making Air Botswana to lay off half its staff

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Botswana’s national airline has unveiled plans to cut more than half its staff as part of a restructuring plan that will transfer ground handling operations to a new company. The Southern African country’s carrier owns three aircraft serving domestic and regional routes. It has been running at a loss for over a decade, mainly because of high maintenance costs for its planes.

The government has already tried but failed, to sell the airline.

Agnes Khunwana

“In terms of the numbers of restructuring… we have a staff complement of about 450 and the intention is to have about 210”, said Air Botswana Director Agnes Khunwana at a media briefing on Tuesday.

The announced retrenchment stems from plans to eliminate the carrier’s ground-handling operations, which are to be provided by a private company that has yet to be established.

“In an effort to unlock value and aid profitability, the airline has taken the first step towards unbundling its operations by forming a ground handling company,” said Khunwana in a statement before the briefing.

She added that most of the laid-off workers would be hired by the new company.

Source: businesslive.co.za

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