Botswana, Cameroon issue tender, sign contracts for combined 125MW of PV capacity

Botswana and Cameroon have taken steps to add a combined 125MW of installed PV capacity to their respective national grids.  Botswana utility company Botswana Power Corp has sent out a request for qualification (RFQ) to interested companies and other parties for the development of 100MW of PV capacity, split into two separate 50MW solar projects. 

The RFQ will look to identify suitable independent power producers for the two sites, which Botswana Power Corp would buy power from under a long-term PPA. While no financial information was announced in the tender document, all interested parties have until 11 September 2019 to pre-qualify. 

Back in May, the Botswana Power Corporation cancelled a proposed 100MW solar tender, with the utility planning to own the two 50MW installations in conjunction with a private investor. This new tender represents the shift in which IPPs will take on all responsibilities when it comes to the two sites.


7 months ago

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