Extremely hot weather the new norm – Botswana’s weatherman

As we brace ourselves for the end of the winter and usher in scarily sweltering temperatures, Botswana’s weatherman has warned extremely hot summers are the new norm. The past four years have been the warmest in the whole world, says the Chief Meteorologist in the Department of Meteorological Services, Radithupa Radithupa.

In a recent interview with BOPA, Radithupa said high temperatures had become the norm, adding that in countries such as the United Kingdom, France and the southern part of Italy, recent summers had been characterised by heat waves with temperatures reaching up to 45 degrees celsius.

He admitted that to some extent, this is going to be a phenomenon that will be continuously experienced in the country, adding that it should not be surprising to see temperatures reaching 40 degrees celsius. He said Batswana should get used to extreme temperatures with every season since this was a trend that had been going on for some time now.

Radithupa said the question should not be whether the country was going to get high temperatures, but rather, “we are now faced with the concern of what is going to be our adaptive capacity and how we are going to deal with this trend of adverse weather conditions.”

To this end, he said the Climate Change Policy had been tabled in Parliament, with both a Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan in place to operationalise it. He said issues such as community settlement, public health and climate-smart agriculture would be discussed by different sectors.

The weatherman encouraged Batswana to adopt precautionary measures to survive high temperatures that come with the extremely hot weather. These measures include drinking a lot of water to keep hydrated and avoiding exposure to direct sunlight. 

Reference: BOPA

6 months ago

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