Government sets up sex offender register

The Ministry of Defence, Justice and Security is in the process of creating a mandatory sex predators and offenders register. Briefing members of Ntlo ya Dikgosi (House of Chiefs) recently, the Deputy Secretary for Defence, Justice and Security, Dimpho Mogami said this followed the passing of a motion by Parliament in December 2017 requesting the government to consider creating the register.

The motion, tabled by the Investment, Trade and Industry Minister, Bogolo Kenewendo, further requested the government to ban offenders from working in institutions that deal with children.

Mogami explained that the proposed register would contain a full list of sex crime perpetrators that would be made available to the public. This she reasoned, would ensure that anyone listed in the register would not be employed in jobs that involve working with children.

The sex offender register will be a permanent record kept by the Registrar of the High Court along with the offenders’ relevant personal details and would be at the disposal of prospective employers and other and interested parties. Mogami noted the sex offender register forms part of the government’s efforts to clamp down on the escalating incidents of sex offences in the country.

“The whole essence of this register is mainly for public safety and not necessary for double jeopardy. We want it to be a deterrent and to help reduce sex offences, as some perpetrators are repeat offenders,” she said.

Prior to the creation of the register, Mogami said the ministry embarked on nationwide consultations with the public and other stakeholders. Currently, as per sex offence statistics from the Directorate of Public Prosecutions, there are 172 rape cases, 23 of defilement and three of attempted rape. 

Reference: BOPA

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  1. i personally think it would be nice and it can serve the task of preventing our children from being violated but also on a different note its gonna humiliate people

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