Nation’s sweetheart Amantle Brown teams up with Jordan MoOzy to release ‘eternity’

Botswana’s sweetheart, Amantle Brown has teamed up with fellow crooner Jordan MoOzy to release a new single titled ‘eternity’.  Eternity is a bit of a departure for Brown as she switches gears to a slow ballad the harmonies of which are truly sweet and goosebump inducing! The video has so far received widespread applause from Brown’s army of fans the singer affectionately refers to as ‘Brownies’. It’s already been made available across various digital platforms for purchase.

Jordan MoOzy is no slouch himself as he gives as good as he gets in the vocals. Plus he plays the guitar as well. MoOzy is a singer-songwriter, composer and poet.

Comment below and tell us what your thoughts are on the new single? 

YouTube video courtesy of Jordan MoOzy

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