Lucara hosts diamond naming competition

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Diamond mining company Lucara Botswana is hosting a diamond naming competition to find a name for the second largest and most rare stone to be mined in Botswana.

Naseem Lahri, Lucara Botswana’s Managing Director says the entry that comes up with the winning name for the gem stands to win US$3,000.00 and a tour of the mine. In line with the tradition of naming most Botswana diamonds, the name has to be in Setswana, the national and local language.  

“The competition is open to anyone who wants to compete and those who enter into the diamond naming competition will have to state why they chose that particular name, the meaning of the name and what the chosen name signifies,” she explained.

Speaking in the capital Gaborone on Tuesday, Lahri said the diamond is the most unique and rarest stone to be mined in the country after the famous Lesedi la Botswana (the light of Botswana) diamond recovered by Lucara at its Karowe Diamond Mine in 2015.

“We are very proud to say we are the only mine in the world to have mined diamonds over 1000 carats.  We don’t know the value of the diamond at the moment but we are looking for the best sales platform for the stone,” Lahri enthused.

Lahri said the company aims to secure the highest bidder for the stone and is not accepting anything below the set reserve price. She said since 2015, Lucara Botswana has recovered 12 diamonds out of which it has sold only 8.

She said the company’s diamonds are sold individually as single diamonds to the highest bidder because they don’t want the buyers to buy diamonds they are not interested in. She said Lucara Botswana has started giving back to the community through the initiation and sponsoring of projects to benefit the local communities living close to Korwe Mine.

“We have started an integrated farming project for the community with all the proceeds from the farm going to the community.  Phase one of the farming project has been a success and we will be starting on phase two,” she said.

Lahri said the mining company will start an abattoir in the Mokubile village, close to the mine about and 600 km Gaborone. The slaughterhouse, reportedly a non-profit project, is said to be aimed at creating employment for the villagers.

She says the waste products from the abattoir will make fertiliser while the skins of the slaughtered animals will be turned into leather, with the possibility of setting up a shoe factory in the near future.

Please DO NOT leave your entry in the comments. Entries have to be emailed to – – YourBotswana is not part of this competition and so any entries made on this website are not official and will not be considered by Lucara Diamonds.

Article by YourBotswana Writer, Meekaeel Siphambili 

Meekaeel is an extremely ethical independent journalist who takes an unabashed look at topical issues that readers are talking about. He writes about issues that matter the most, Africa’s untold stories that many journalists have overlooked. And like the global readership, he sceptical (until he gets the answers). He is passionate about environmental issues, climate change and nature conservation issues.


  1. Well, i am so proud of my country and looking forward to the mining sector more especially the diamond mining to expand and unveil the rarest diamonds ever!

  2. Wow, I am happy for LUCARA Botswana to have yet unveiled the biggest diamond in Southren Africa. This makes our country to be on the top and proves that it has great things out of it. Congrats Lucara staff and I wish you the best to come…

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