39 former BDP MPs endorse Masisi


This week, in what will undoubtedly be a deadly blow to former president Ian Khama and presidential hopeful, Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi, the BDP’s former MPs issued a statement throwing their weight behind President Mokgweetsi Masisi.

Below is the statement the MPs collectively issued to express their firm support of the president.

Statement By BDP Former MPs For The Special Congress in Kang

We, the former BDP Members of Parliament have been following the standoff between HE MEK Masisi and Former HE SKI Khama since it started. Whilst we do not have the full details of its origins, one thing we know is that it has become a very divisive issue within the BDP and nationally. 

Former HE SKI Khama’s support of Hon P Venson-Moitoi to challenge HE MEK Masisi for the BDP presidency has further deepened the divisions within the BDP and nationally just 6 months before the General Elections in October 2019. It is SKI who proposed HE MEK Masisi to Parliament for the position of VP of Botswana. It is Former HE SKI Khama who paraded HE MEK Masisi up and down the country before March 31 last year.

It is our collective observation as former BDP Members of Parliament that HE MEK Masisi has made a good start as president of the BDP and the Republic of Botswana. He has particularly committed to the Vision 2036, rule of law, stakeholder engagement, poverty eradication, aggressive empowerment of citizens and the fight against corruption, to mention a few flagship programs in his road map for the country.

It is our collective position as former BDP Members of Parliament that HE MEK Masisi must be supported to implement his roadmap just as SKI was after he succeeded Former HE FG Mogae. This is why we call upon all BDP members to rally behind HE MEK Masisi at the Special Congress in Kang early next month. We implore all BDP members to support HE MEK Masisi to lead the BDP to the 2019 General Elections. 

This statement is endorsed and supported by…

  1. Hon. Gaositwe Chiepe
  2. Hon. L. Boyce Sebetela
  3. Hon. Kavis Kario
  4. Hon. Tebelelo Seretse
  5. Hon. Duke Lefhoko
  6. Hon. Keletso Rakhudu
  7. Hon. Charles Tibone
  8. Hon. Gloria Somolekae
  9. Hon. Rakwadi Modipane
  10. Hon. David Magang
  11. Hon. Boemetswe Mokgothu
  12. Hon. Khumongwana Maoto
  13. Hon. Ponatshego Kedikilwe
  14. Hon. Ray Molomo
  15. Hon. Leach Tlhomelang
  16. Hon. Neo Moroka
  17. Hon. Satar Dada
  18. Hon. Daisy Pholo
  19. Hon. Oreeditse Molebatsi
  20. Hon. Moggie Mbaakanyi
  21. Hon. Lesego Motsumi
  22. Hon. Thebe Mogami
  23. Hon. Ronald Ridge
  24. Hon. Sheila Tlou
  25. Hon. Frank Ramsden
  26. Hon. Shirley Segokgo
  27. Hon. Lesedi Mothibamele
  28. Hon. Johnnie Swartz
  29. Hon. Phandu Skelemani
  30. Hon. Moeng Pheto
  31. Hon. Michael Tshipinare
  32. Hon. Oliphant Mfa
  33. Hon. Patrick Masimolole
  34. Hon. Obed Chilume
  35. Hon. Olebile Gaborone
  36. Hon. Archibald Mogwe
  37. Hon. Jacob Nkate
  38. Hon. Odirile Motlhale
  39. Hon. Ambrose Masalila

Source: thepatriot.co.bw

11 months ago

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