AU mechanism to scrutinise Botswana democratic credentials


Botswana’s democratic credentials will be subjected to scrutiny at the upcoming accession ceremony to the African Peer Review Mechanism Chief (APRM) scheduled for 9th February in Ethiopia, APA learned Thursday.

This follows a decision by APRM Executive Officer, Professor Edward Maloka to present an invitation letter to Botswana President, HE Mokgweetsi Masisi to the meeting in Ethiopia.

The letter was received by Minister of Presidential Affairs, Governance and Public Administration Nonofo Molefhi on behalf of Masisi.

Speaking to the media, Molefhi explained that the accession followed last year’s decision by Botswana to join APRM after the democracy and governance symposium as well as the regional anti-corruption conference. He said it was important to continue reviewing governance in order to remain relevant to the global village. He noted that Botswana had the best experiences to share with others. Maloka said;

“Botswana has the best experiences to share with others,” adding that “once a member, a country is expected to take on the leadership role.”

The APRM which AU members acceded to is “Africa’s unique and innovative approach to governance” with the objective of improving governance dynamics at the local, national and continental levels.


11 months ago

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