Orange Botswana invests BWP 70-million in new data centre in Gaborone


Orange Botswana is currently constructing a BWP70 million data centre providing equipment space, office space and two redundant energy centres, with completion expected at the end of 2019. It will be located at the Botswana Innovation Hub (BIH). In a second project that is part of the programme, Orange will migrate equipment from its old data centre to the new one. A third project comprises using the migration as an opportunity to build a full disaster recovery site, which will be located in Francistown.

Orange CEO Patrick Benon said the Francistown Disaster Recovery Site will replicate all the platforms sitting in Gaborone so that any time there is an issue at its main site, the company will be able to manage all customer traffic and transactions from Francistown. Benon said it will invest an average of BWP 50 million in equipment every year at the new data centre for the annual expansion of the core network and information system.


12 months ago

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