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ATI, one of Botswana’s hottest pop stars, has just released a hot new tune that’s guaranteed to have party lovers up on their feet all through the Christmas break and well into the new year! Back in July, the popular star’s representatives announced he had checked into a South African facility where he was to engage in a two-month rehabilitation programme.

So him bringing out this new track signals he’s on the mend. The tune promises to be a hard-hitting Christmas party anthem. It’s very catchy and will have many music lovers up and down the country on the dance floor cutting all manner of shapes! 

YourBotswana this week saw a video of another one of Botswana’s most popular singers, Vee Mampeezy jamming to and clearly loving the new track. So refreshing to see Batswana giving each other props in this fashion! 

Congratulations on your hot new release, ATI and good to have you back! Have a listen and share your views. 

Audio via YouTube courtesy of Note To Men & Women – Published on 3 Nov 2018
Featured image source: A.T.I (Batho Bame) Facebook page

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