The stunning kaleidoscope of the Sedudu Island sunset


Sedudu Island – also known as Kasikili Island in Namibia – is an Island located on the Chobe River. A trip along Sedudu Island is truly a thing of beauty; a unique venue from which to leisurely take in the magic of the stunning African sunset.

The setting of a kaleidoscope of phenomenal sightings throughout the year, this northern haven set on the western corner of Kasane, gives rise to the Caprivi Strip swampy area. But before the Caprivi is the majestic Chobe River, extending into swamps which are home to a variety of amazing wildlife and of course, the Sedudu Island. Beyond the Caprivi are the Angolan Highlands, which give birth to multiple rivers that steer the economy of the Southern African region in various ways. Botswana receives much-needed waters through three of the rivers being Okavango/Cubango, Luando and Chobe converging with the Zambezi originating from the highlands.

Interesting fact!

Sedudu Island, about 3.5 square km in size, was the subject of a territorial dispute between Botswana and Namibia for many years. It simmered for much of the 1990s, threatening to escalate into an all-out war! The dispute stemmed from the unclear wording between the colonial powers, Germany and the United Kingdom. However, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) resolved the dispute in 1999, ruling in favour of Botswana.

Trying to explain the mystery behind the magic of the Sedudu Island sunsets leaves me bereft of words! I can only imagine the fact that Botswana enjoys nearly 365 days of intense sunshine a year has something to do with the amazing quality of our sunsets. Every evening as the sun begins to set, the sun rays reflecting against the large body of water ushers in a unique, mesmerising kaleidoscope of colours.

Ever since I started visiting this area, I have developed an addiction of sorts to the amazing moments I experience with every sunset bursting over Sedudu Island. So stunning and vibrant is the quality of the sunsets, I want to call them David’s coat of many colors! To all sunset loving people visiting this corner of Botswana, I urge you to put Sedudu Island down as a must see place, if only for the remarkable sunsets. No trip to the Kasane/Chobe region would be complete without a boat cruise to Sedudu Island. If you do go, be sure to bring your camera along to capture all the magic to tell friends and family the story of the amazing African sunsets.

Fun activities to do on Sedudu Island!

  • Cruising along the Chobe River onto Sedudu Island
  • Taking in the amazing sights from a unique angle other than the safari truck
  • Enjoying the sounds and serenity of nature
  • Perfecting your photographic skills

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