Hot new track alert Motlha & ATI’s Hisa Hisa promises to be 2018 party anthem

Batswana artists are currently on a creative streak that isn’t showing any signs of slowing down any time soon! This week saw the release of a song so hot we’d bet our last thebe on it becoming THE party jam of the year! So good is the tune that on hearing the first delicious strains, a friend of YourBotswana instantly declared it the best ear candy to come out of Botswana yet.

Before its official release this Wednesday, Maun music lovers were reportedly the first lucky fans to wrap their ears around Hisa Hisa, the latest offering from Motlha ft ATI.  The popular duo then performed it live at the One Night With Motlha show on Saturday at Ditshupo Hall, to a very appreciative audience who stood at the ready with their camera phones to capture the whole electric performance.

Hisa Hisa is a catchy, upbeat dance song that Botswana’s club goers and party animals are sure to cut some mean shapes to all summer long. Motlha’s opening to the song is very reminiscent of another popular singer, Han C.

The song beautifully marries Motlha and ATI’s vocal abilities, with Setswana lyrics cleverly weaving through it. A truly gorgeous song; bravo Motlha and ATI!

3 years ago

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