Ghosts of the great salt lake – a must-see documentary about the Makgadikgadi hyenas

Highly recommend watching, this is a documentary about brown hyaenas in the Makgadikgadi. With accurate commentary and beautiful visuals, it is a great showcase for research in Botswana.It promises to shed light on what’s often described as a “poorly understood species”.

Follow brown hyenas as they survive in an inhospitable landscape. Hop on a high-speed endurance adventure through one of the harshest environments on Earth. Glyn Maude follows a family of brown hyenas in Botswana’s desolate saltpans of the Makgadikgadi. He has collared Bom, a young male who he monitors closely. Encounter these fascinating hardy scavengers as they have never been seen before.

Video courtesy of: Wild Things
Published March 3, 2018

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