Could plastic roads be the answer to Botswana’s potholes?

Let’s face it, Botswana roads are in desperate need of a bit more than a touch of TLC. Riddled with pothole after pothole, not only are they a menace for your car, they are also likely to contribute to the huge amount of road accidents that already plague Botswana.

India has broken new ground and started using plastic to construct roads and plug existent holes, saving the government huge amounts of money. India has found this to be very cost-effective, environmentally friendly and the roads are reportedly sturdier and more durable!

And now the world appears to be sitting up and taking notice! Engineer Toby McCartney visited India and was inspired to bring the concept to the UK. This time last year, he’d sold the idea to 2 UK councils and I’m convinced that it’s only a matter of time before it catches on across the world and spreads like wildfire.

Botswana, could plastic roads be the answer to Botswana’s potholes? Watch and mull it over!

The UK is also warming to the idea! 

Engineer Toby McCartney explains how his Scottish start-up MacRebur is persuading councils to use local waste plastic to build roads. Two English councils have already started building roads this way.

Source:, BBC News (video by Dougal Shaw)

3 years ago

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