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This week was teeming with scandalous news items, all including money disappearing left right and centre as well as untold corruption; pointing to the rot and decay that Botswana seems to currently be immersed in. We bring you the news in brief so you can follow the links for the complete stories if you wish to.

ramachandranChoppies’ arrogance in Botswana

Across the border in South Africa, the lowest paid Choppies employee earns R3,200 (about P2,500) while in Botswanaan average employee of the retail giant is paid as low as P600. Interestingly, Choppies operates in 8 Sub Saharan African countries and Botswana alone contributes 40 percent to Choppies’ total revenue.

For the complete story:

P1.6BN hole in government – FNB student books 

The Office of the Auditor General has raised concerns over the fact that the Students’ Allowances Disbursements Accounts by the Department of Tertiary Education Financing has not been reconciled for more than a decade. The distress came after establishing that nearly P1.6 billion is unaccounted for, bringing into question the transparency of spending by the Ministry of Tertiary Education, Research, Science and Technology in the accounts held at First National Bank of Botswana.

For the complete story: The Business Weekly 


Air Botswana tows back losses

Air Botswana losses over P500 million – Auditor General. Losses expected to continue:

  • Gov’t provided P101 million bailout for ops, restructuring
  • In the 12 months to March 31 2017, Air Botswana made a loss of P12.35 million, which is a significant improvement from prior year loss of P86.09 million. According to the Auditor General, operating costs declined by P40.90 million (representing 9 percent) from P470.62 million in the prior year to P429.72 million in the year under review, while income increased by P32.84 (representing 9 percent) during the same period.

For the complete story: The Business Weekly

yb-miss-botswana-2017Miss Botswana rocked by scandal yet again

Reigning Miss Botswana and her runner-ups claim they are yet to receive their prizes. Not the first time scandal prone Miss Botswana is tangled up in controversy.

For the complete story: The Business Weekly

How the officials ate BOT50 millions

The Vision 2016 Council was advanced with P3,086,941 for the management of the National Roving Torch (molelo wa kgolagano), of which P2,065,820 was used for the procurement of the torch and its accessories, the Auditor General Pulane Letebele has revealed in her report.

For the complete story:

Billions of Pula paid to De Beers SA unaccounted for – Auditor General

P1 billion irregular payments to De Beers; P4.9 billion transacted from BoB unaccounted for; BoB oblivious of government transactions; Ask Ministry of Finance or Attorney General, Governor says; “We do not want to get involved,” says Governor; Auditor General calls for Investigations.

For the complete story:

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