Tsodilo recovers 101 diamonds during independent diamond classifier


TSX-listed Tsodilo Resources has recovered 101 diamonds, representing 18.57ct, from samples by an independent and experienced diamond classifier at its BK16 kimberlite project, in the Orapa Kimberlite Field (OKF) in Botswana.

The diamondiferous BK16 kimberlite pipe is approximately 6 ha in size at surface and is known to contain rare and valuable Type IIa diamonds. The independent and experienced diamond classifier, which was deployed for five days earlier this month, was used to sort the first X-ray concentrate samples from both the large diameter drilling (LDD) samples and the historical tailings samples, which were used for commissioning and calibrating the dense media separation (DMS) plant at BK16.

The Bourevestnik (BV) Polus-M X-ray sorter has, to date, sorted 56 of the LDD concentrate samples, representing 925kg of DMS concentrate.

The 24-inch LDD programme, which included collaring of the holes, was executed between July and October 2017. All 243 LDD samples have now been processed through the company’s 10 t/h mobile DMS plant located in Letlhakane, Botswana. The diamonds recovered so far are similar in appearance to the diamonds that have been recovered from previous operations which were all classified as D, E and F colours with a high percentage (8%) of Type II stones.

Final diamond counts and initial weights will be compiled once all samples have been processed, sorted and a thorough tailings retreatment audit has been conducted. Detailed breakage descriptions and resorption characteristics; definitions of habit, colour and size distributions; sample grade calculations; and commercial characteristics will be finalised once the diamonds have been cleaned by acid treatment.

Source: miningweekly.com
Image source – miningweekly.com

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