Ntimbale & Shashe dams overflowing following bumper rainfall


This rainy season has been disappointingly dry, leaving Botswana dams up and down the country decidedly parched. This has left many worried about a possible return to the dreaded water rations. However, just when we were all starting to despair, Botswana started enjoying very late bumper rainfall across the country. The past two week have been drenched in non-stop rain day after day, leading to flooding in some parts of the country.


As a result, the Ntimbale and Shashe dams received a significant amount of water, leading to overflowing. Water levels at the Ntimbale and Shashe dams rose from 95.5% to 106.2% and from 69.3% to 103.8% respectively. Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) continues to monitor the situation and has urged people who live downstream to be vigilant as more inflows are expected due to rainfall registered in the region.

Click the link to see a video of Ntimbale Dam overflowing: https://www.facebook.com/waterutilities/videos/1804482426236713/?t=8

Reference: Botswana Government Facebook page

2 years ago

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