Pearl Cutten – another one of Botswana’s jazz talents

You may or may not have heard of the name, but very soon Pearl Cutten will be making waves on the Botswana music scene. So just who is she? Pearl is a Motswana world stage singer who has graced global stages and has now decided she’s ready to bring her music to her native Botswana.

Born in Lobatse to a Motswana mother and a Danish father, the family later moved to Denmark from where she’s been carving out a respectable music career. Pearl recently revealed in an interview with the Botswana Guardian BG style column that she started writing music as a teenager to cope with loneliness.

“It was then that my creativity and artistic talent was sparked. I wanted to be a singer, dancer and actress.”

It was around that time that she entered a lyrics writing competition and won, paving the way to a fruitful career in the notoriously difficult to crack music industry. Subsequently, the lyrics were sold to an American company, giving her the fortitude to pursue her passion.

“I then decided to put a sound to my lyric and therefore started singing. My voice improved through singing.”

Over the years, Pearl’s wondrous music career has seen her work as a backing vocalist for American singer, Jones Orleans in Munich, Germany. She has also tried her hand at gospel music, which she says helped with voice training and technique.

Later, she returned to Denmark, where she offered voice-training lessons and also danced. Clearly a woman of many talents, Pearl also navigated the jazz scene. In 2000, she released 2 songs with the Russian band she was working with at the time. From that point on she saw her star shine ever so brightly as she received countless invitations to perform at various events, some as far as Siberia!

“I finally got the courage to step out and express my artistic ability and talent on a larger scale.”

Her debut offering; a fusion of soul, reggae and world music titled the fall and rise of a woman was released in 2012 to a warm reception. Through it, Pearl says she wanted to create a piece of music “that people could listen to anytime.”

Four years ago she was introduced to a few South African producers and worked with Amatology on the single slow down. She also worked with AU from UPZ on the single unbreakable that features on the latter’s album. Pearl is currently working on a fusion of Afro soul and deep house album to be released in October, after which she will work on a jazz album set for release next year.

Pearl is currently working with Motswana producer, Amo with whom she is finalising just like music, a deep, upbeat house jam. 46-year-old Pearl could easily pass for 30 and attributes her youthful looks to a holistic approach to life that includes a “positive mindset, healthy lifestyle, joyful heart and youthful spirit”.

“I intend to play around with the Afro sound and even include Setswana lyrics in a few songs, ” Pearl concluded.

Reference: BG Lifestyle

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