Introducing the new polymer P10 banknote


The public is informed that the Bank of Botswana will introduce a new polymer P10 banknote, to be issued into circulation with effect from February 1, 2018.

The new polymer P10 banknote has largely maintained the same design and colour as the current P10 paper banknote, except that it has more advanced security features. The public is advised to familiarise themselves with the security features of the new polymer P10 banknote. The new banknote will circulate concurrently with the current paper P10 banknote.

Guidelines to help you ascertain new polymer P10 banknote authenticity

The feel – polymer substrate is a thin plastic film used for printing money; the new polymer banknote feels smoother than the paper banknote.

The look – the new polymer banknote has a Clear Window, which replaces the Watermark in the old paper banknote. When the banknote is held up against the light, a Rampant Zebra can be seen in the Clear Window from the Bank’s crest on both sides of the banknote. The figure 10 can also be seen in the shield beside the Rampant Zebra.

The tilt – when the banknote is tilted, a shiny golden diamond can be seen in the middle of the banknote. This appears and disappears as the banknote is tilted.

When looked at under ultra-violet (UV) light, various parts of the banknote, such as the Serial Number on the left, a large number 10 next to the President’s portrait and some small text behind the Bank title glow.

When examined under magnifying devices, some areas of the banknote that appear either as a line or areas of plain print are in fact small letters and numbers.

The Bank of Botswana has issued public education posters that are displayed at various places of interest, such as commercial banks, police stations and post offices to sensitise the public on the features of the new polymer P10 banknote. The new polymer P10 banknote will mainly be issued into circulation through commercial banks.

Source: The Botswana Government Facebook page

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