Chef Gustos ft. Jordie – Go Lesedi

A man of many talents, Chef Gustos is a well-known local musician. He is an in-house producer for Homerun Rekordz and produces music for local music heavyweights such as Orackle, Kast, Amanandos, ATI, DJ Timmy, Mel-D, DJ Crispin the Drummer, Mosako, Scar and SAMA award-winning HHP, among others. Chef Gustos is also a dancer.

The melodious female voice on Go Lesedi belongs to up and coming songstress, Jordie Ngala. The 22-year-old is no slouch as she’s studying Network Security and Computer Forensics at Botho University. She has her sights set on carving out a music career in Botswana’s notoriously tough but fledgeling music industry. With a voice like hers, we believe she has what it takes to do well!

Go Lesedi was released at the end of August.

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