Botswana celebrates 50+1 years of independence, multiparty democracy, unity, peace, and development


Today Botswana celebrates 51 years of Independence. As we commemorate this historic day, as a nation, we should be proud that since our Independence in 1966, Botswana has enjoyed uninterrupted multiparty democracy, unity, peace and development.

These cardinal principles are the foundation of Botswana’s development trajectory. As a nation, we should, therefore, continue to espouse these values if we are to realise our Vision 2036 pillars and inclusive development.

These principles also remain the cornerstone of Botswana’s foreign policy, which project our common global vision of international peace and security, respect for human rights and sustainable development.

It is, therefore, our strong conviction that if all members of the international community can individually and collectively commit to these universal values, the betterment of humanity will be an achievable aspiration.

However, with the ongoing and increasingly complex challenges of conflicts, terrorist acts, organised crime, poverty, environmental degradation, and wide-spread human rights violations in some countries, we are deeply concerned that our quest for sustainable development will remain a mirage.

Equally, it is our belief that if global peace and tranquillity are to reign, nation states should uphold the principles of unity, self-determination and respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Thus, Botswana will remain steadfast in condemning the unconstitutional change of government, as well as furtherance of personal interest by changing the constitution to extend stay in office by some leaders, or by postponing elections to achieve the same, dismemberment of other countries, through referenda without due consultation, which often requires all relevant stakeholders reaching an agreement with a final resolution to address those that seek Independence. Botswana also condemns acts that are a threat to international peace and security, such as continued missile and nuclear tests.

We, as a nation, wish unto others what we wish for ourselves and hope that in addressing some of these challenges, the world will experience peace and development.

A fantastic message from the Botswana government as the country celebrates 51 years of independence. Happy 51 years of independence, Botswana. Pula!!!

Source: Botswana Government

2 years ago

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