Chobe marches for wildlife


Elephants Without Borders this week joined hands with the Chobe community to host a parade for the conservation of elephants, rhinos and lions. In light of this week’s heart-wrenching incident in which 9 elephants were electrocuted by a faulty power line in Dukwi, the walk was as poignant as it was significant.

The objective of the parade was to highlight Botswana’s conservation successes and celebrate Botswana’s wildlife. Elephant Without Borders co-founder and Programme Manager, Ms Kelly Landen (pictured below) said this year the event, in its fifth year, was a free fun community spectacle that involved school children, the community and government officials to spread the message.

kelly-landenMs Landen commended the Chobe Department of Wildlife and National Parks-DWNP and the Botswana Defence Force – BDF for their valiant efforts in making a stand against poaching.

She highlighted that Botswana has the least cases of poaching and that most poachers are from other countries.

Chobe Regional Wildlife Officer, Mr Lesole Montshiwa applauded the Chobe people for embracing the need to co-exist with wildlife despite the challenges they face as a result of the human-wildlife conflict.

Mr Montshiwa further said he’s aware of the full impact of the human-wildlife conflict, but urged people to report all problem animals to the DWNP officials.

“Let us not take the law into our own hands by killing elephants and predators in retaliation when they destroy our property.

Let us continue using human-wildlife mitigation measures such as the use of chili, herding dogs, predator proof kraals and various aspects of wildlife conservation tolerant indigenous knowledge,” he appealed to them.

Reference: BOPA
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