Calvin Seemise – Customer Service Champion

The following video is an interview with Calvin Seemise, who is a Customer Service Specialist at Stanbic Bank Botswana. We feel Calvin’s service stands out and he deserves to be one of Botswana’s Best. We interviewed him to understand his background and his views on customer service in Botswana.

Why Calvin?

Anyone who has lived or lives in Botswana will agree that customer service is not Botswana’s strong suit. For as long as I can remember, customers in Botswana have had to contend with shoddy service from service providers, who in turn have exploited the situation.

However, with the advent of modern technology, the tide has turned, giving the customer the upper hand. Customers can now take to various social media platforms to rant and name and shame establishments that flout consumer rights. This has led to customer service delivery slowly changing for the better as service providers scramble to pull up their socks and strive to provide a better service. Subsequently, we’ve started observing customer service agents who go far and beyond their call of duty start to emerge. There’s still a lot of improvement required, but when you do receive outstanding customer service, if you’re anything like me, you want to shout about it from the rooftops.

Enter Calvin Seemise, Customer Service Specialist at Stanbic Bank Fairgrounds branch. Calvin is the very epitome of excellent customer service delivery and not just by Botswana standards.

The very first time we met Calvin, he greeted us as if he already knew us, complete with a warm smile and a friendly but professional demeanour. He saw us standing in the queue and asked each person if they knew where they needed to be. He invited my husband and I to his desk and although we were there to see someone else, proceeded to help us.

The next time we saw Calvin, one of his colleagues had failed to do what he was meant to have done for us. Rather than play the blame card or fob us off, Calvin took ownership of our query and helped us. He explained what should have happened and gave us a clear timeframe within which the process should have taken effect. Hardly 10 minutes within leaving the premises, we received a call from Calvin checking if everything had gone through and lo and behold when we checked, it actually had! What took his colleague weeks to complete had taken one visit lasting about 15 minutes!

Another time Calvin proved to us what a pro he really is was when we’d gone to have our debit cards renewed and things didn’t pan out as they should have. The cards should have worked almost instantaneously, but they had clearly not been activated. As we’d been among the last customers to be helped shortly before the bank closed for business, that would have meant making more time to come back to have the issue resolved, which is always a problem because with our busy schedules, we don’t always have the time to come into the branch. Worse still, it would’ve meant not having access to our money!

Luckily, Calvin happened to be finishing work when he saw a clutch of customers, including us, standing outside moaning about our cards not working. He asked if there was a problem and when we told him about the situation, rather than say the bank was now closed or he was done with work, yet again, he saved the day! He rounded up all our new cards and went back inside to have them activated. When that was done, he waited around as we all stepped up to the ATM machines one by one, to ensure that all the cards were now working. Only when he knew we were all sorted did he then bid us farewell and go on his merry way.

Each time we go into Fairgrounds, Calvin remains upbeat, highly professional yet warm as well as very helpful. As a customer service specialist myself, Calvin has left a lasting impression on me and continues to impress and astound me with his enthusiasm and commitment to excellent customer service delivery. It is for that reason that when we decided to celebrate ‘Botswana’s best’ on YourBotswana, his was the name at the very top of our list. In a country where all too often we’re naming and shaming shoddy service delivery, we saw it fitting to find and celebrate our unsung customer service champions, Calvin being one of the very best we’ve seen in this country thus far.

Do you know anybody you believe deserves to be celebrated as a customer service champion? Please nominate him/her and help us celebrate them by featuring them on YourBotswana.

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