Mophato Dance Theatre freestyle performance draws crowds in NY


Fresh from delivering a goose bump inducing performance during the just ended Battery Dance Festival in New York, Mophato Dance Theatre took to Times Square in New York to bust a few unrehearsed moves in celebration of their success at the esteemed Battery Festival. Hordes of spectators descended upon Times Square to take in the performance in awe, as Mophato delivered another effortless dance routine.

Watch for yourself:

The I love Botswana ensemble is a collaboration between some of the best dance groups in Botswana as listed below:

  • Mafitlhakgosi
  • Nare tsa pina
  • Bana ba Kwena
  • Gata la Tau
  • Khuduthamaga
  • Mabutswapele
  • Mophato Dance Theatre

Good job putting Botswana on the map, way to go!

Reference: BrandBotswana Facebook page

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