Beautifully captured video of Botswana’s Kwando Nxai Pan Camp

If you have ever been on safari, this beautifully captured video by Elena Hanak will evoke feelings of longing and melancholy within you. If not, you’re likely to wish you could and of course, you should. Being a huge safari enthusiast and lover of nature, I always say everyone deserves to go on an African safari, especially a safari in Botswana, at least once in their lifetime. Lucky are those who return year after year!

The video captures the true essence of the Botswana safari experience; various wild animals contentedly bounding along without a care in the world and roaming as free as they were born to, as well as skies decorated with a multitude of stars the likes of which most people will never have experienced before, an experience likely to leave you marveling in wonder at the sheer magic of it.

Watch for yourself and enjoy!

Video credit: Elena Hanak

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