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If you’re a friend of YourBotswana and would like to have your profile listed on the website, you can contact us via our contact page or email – – and be sure to state whether you’re Motswana, an expatriate within Botswana (past or present) or a foreigner interested in both Botswana and the YourBotswana website.

Click the following link to view other peoples’ profiles – Friends of YB

We need your email address so we can send you some questions we use to create your profile. The more detailed your responses the better. We might struggle to create an adequate profile if we don’t have enough material.

We need a high resolution photo of yourself for your profile picture. Feel free to send more than one (but no more than five), such as a picture of where you live, your family, etc.

You need to be familiar with the YourBotswana website and either have experiences of Botswana or views about Botswana. This is quite important.

YourBotswana has been live since December 2016 and since then we have had tens of thousands of visits from over 80 countries worldwide. You can showcase who you are and what you do to a global audience!

Please note: YourBotswana is a platform for Batswana, expatriates within Botswana (past or present) as well as those outside the country, but have an interest in Botswana. As such, visitors to the website come from all over the world and therefore YourBotswana reserves the right to edit or withdraw any material, comments or views that have strong political or religious undertones.

People are free to mention their professions and any extracurricular activities, we will allow a picture or two, but we discourage people actively promoting/advertising or focusing purely on their businesses. Therefore we won’t post any links to business websites, contact details relating to such activity or product imagery and promotions.

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