Botswana Telecommunications Corporation rolls out 4G network

17634725_1437512699602455_2617026174300896881_nState-run Botswana Telecommunications Corporation (BTC) on Friday announced that it has rolled out the widest fourth generation (4G) service that is better, faster and has a steady connection with data transfer rates of 100 megabytes per second. The new service will allow optimum download and upload time.

BTC Managing Director, Anthony Masunga is quoted in a press release from the corporation saying that BTC would leverage on having the widest network coverage in the country for a broader market reach.

He said the 4G network would “enable perfect consistent speed to ease online game playing, streaming of high definition movies and downloading of any other content.”

Masunga said BTC tested the network capability to ensure a vigorous service that can connect customers from over 95 sites, which is the widest coverage in the country.

According to the statement, BTC is the leading service provider in Botswana with the strongest backbone support in the market, giving it a window of opportunity to better Botswana.

BTC further said the corporation is the leading information communication and technology service provider with the most modern telecommunication infrastructure in Africa, which comprises an all-digital microwave and fibre optic system with digital exchanges.


YourBotswana View

This is no doubt good news for both BTC as well as its customers. Often blighted by complaints of an inconsistent service and even shoddier customer service, I can say from firsthand experience that BTC needs more innovative ideas such as the new 4G service to keep it ahead of the saturated market. It’s true, BTC has cornered the market, but it is by no means the best ISP service provider in Botswana. It is sadly for that reason that I couldn’t continue with BTC beyond the initial 2-year contract I took out with them.

I can only hope lessons have been learnt and continue to be learnt at BTC, so that those in authority recognise that it remains imperative for good services to prioritise excellent service delivery, if the company is to succeed.

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