Stanbic sets up a disaster relief management fund

Stanbic Bank Botswana has set up a disaster relief management fund by pledging P100,000 to help Botswana communities up and down the country to cope with the after-effects of the recent heavy downpours that wreaked immense damage, temporarily displacing some families.

A press release issued on the Botswana Government Facebook page said Stanbic Bank Botswana said they set up the fund to further aid the many stakeholders working tirelessly to help displaced families recover.

The bank invited members of the public to make contributions at their discretion into a dedicated bank account at Stanbic Bank. Funds raised will be presented to the Government of Botswana through the National Disaster Management Office to assist the families of those affected.

Stanbic Bank Botswana further called on Batswana to come together as a community to show the kind of compassion, empathy, and botho that Botswana takes very seriously, in a bid to help ease fellow Batswana’s burden brought about by the recent heavy downpours.

The statement said Stanbic Bank Botswana understands that while the rains have brought a blessing to drought-stricken Botswana, they have also caused greater disaster for many. It also said Stanbic Bank Botswana as a business as well as a corporate citizen, commends the Government of Botswana and other stakeholders who are working around the clock to assist the families that have been affected by the resultant floods.

Stanbic Bank said it was equally concerned about community members who have been displaced from their homes as a result. Thus, seeking to get involved, the bank appealed to members of the public to open their hearts and show their support.

Reference: BW Government Facebook page


3 years ago

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